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Here are two of my favourite pieces I want to buy soon… Which one you like the best? I think I would choose the pearl-ish one.
A-Morir, want ya! 🙂 @sunglasscurator





Just before I left the house 🙂
Have a great day!





Bike ride

Todays outfit while preparing to the office…
Just ate my breakfast! 🙂
Have a great day!





Today’s outfit. Lazy, but with twisted high heels and longer blazer.


Let’s call it Marc Jacobs!


Whenever you need a Coke, remember… You can hold in your hands one of the creatures of this amazon body incredible sexy man aka Marc Jacobs. Recently has signed an angreement with Coca-Cola and became head designer of the infamous Coke bottles. The first bottles are going to be sold on the european market, so… Excited! 🙂 If you can put your hands on one of them, just send me a pic, I am really looking forward!
Isn’t this guy a sexy amazon? 🙂

Weekly obsession I.

Hy my loovelies!
As I seriously considered my lazyness getting over my desire to do things, I feel motivated to start a new beginning, having plans for the future with my beloved blog.
The “Weekly obsession” series meant to keep even myself! Up to date with things that I feel mostly passionated about, having found myself getting into new concepts and even sciences, searching like crazy skipping my well deserved sweet dreams… I am really looking forward to watching from a retrospective point of view my upcoming posts of this particular topic…kind of positive outlook, isn’t it?:) As long as it helps me to stay focused and motivated… 🙂 Strange being I can be sometimes 😛
Food Science


Omg… How this comes? Sorry for the name but I certainy wanted to suggest you the whole idea behind of this obsession and not to just leave you with such randomnesses, like “I like to eat. (Who doesn’t?). Therefore I cook. Food. And bake. Cake.” Haha, yepp, this blog just won’t turn into a food blog, I have to dissapoint you all. Like right now. 🙂
And you know why? Because I already have one. Nice.
As “growing up” on Heston Blumenthal’s iconic tv series in “search of perfection”, spiced up with Anthony Bourdain’s fan(a)tistic “no reservation” mindset, not to mention their user friendly version Ramsay chef, what can I say? I loved every minute of it. Yes, I like to come up with new dishes of new cultures, pairings, in the same time trying to capture the essence of the dish highly considering it’s original formula. Sorry for this being a big fat cliche. But with so many “specialized” blogs growing out of nothing, I’m afraid any topic will soon become a cliche.
As with holidays coming I become more and more aware of this obsession to create, to give, to share. And these, paired with my obsession to bake and to try out new things can quickly lead to infinite number batches of really good cookies and cakes. So, be tuned!
Today I made my two first official holiday starter cookie… (Enough!), so tomorrow hopefully I can take some photos to post here. I promise I will return to this topic, anyway.
Have you ever found yourself getting obsessed with anything unusual? A topic that has motivated you to search for more information about?
Good night loovies! 🙂

Desires we can never fulfill

Sometimes, well quite a few times I have this feeling, to be good to be the best, and it becomes so strong, that I can no longer see that glorious cause It is all about. As strange as it sounds, it really is. I guess you had this feeling, like when you want something badly. It can be a good of any kind, a new pair of shoes, a glittery new dress, a mouthful of mousse cake, anything, you feel the desire for so intensely, you forget the real thing, concentrating on how on earth could you be satisfied. Is that makes sense? The thing with these kind of feelings is that you can never fulfill them. (And this is the reason Apple’s sales are so high…). But to get back to what I was starting with, yep, two weeks ago I started a busy campaign of getting the best job I could ever get.
I remember as it was yesterday (actually two weeks ago), sipping a foamy espresso with milk and sweetener in a local caffeteria, Toulouse, while chatting with my friend about the big and small things of life, when my phone suddenly started to ringing, sending obvious signs of being alarmed by someone that would urgently like getting in contact with me. It was the hand (or leg) of the destiny (‘s child, just for another round of hilarious fun)- I thought,- but the reality that a hr agent would call me to invite for a job interview- seemed just as real…as it was. Long story short, this job seemed to be the ideal one…advertising agency looking for a talented online marketer…this was my part of the game. I started to stress about it, spending my days and nights with long hours of learning, making the appointments, being interviewed 3 times in 5 days… It was pretty intense, but I was the most confident and so I won the battle, Job done.
This was everything I could ever wish for…-I thought- no matter that I will probably have to give up my master, that I will struggle through looong working hours, that my uniform will be the shortest skirt, that my boss just doesn’t like humans, that I will have to work my ass off, that I can’t leave my desk (which was my boss’ desk just in case I needed to be supervised, anyway I’m not older than 5?!) even for easing myself, ok, these are facts I would not be able to know without working 3 looong days for them. Oh, and the best part, the cats… The workplace was just highly professional with highly skilled coworkers ( us, poor things, sitting as potatoes all day), and cats, these wild animals and their smell, oh glorious smell…and then came my well- known -but totally ‘shadowed’ by my new working obsession- cat coat allergy, which gave me the ultimate push to end this prison ish relation with my beloved boss and its ‘highly skilled in idiotism’ stuff.
This was 1 hour before, and I wrote my letter to my bossy friend, that sorry but no longer…
And tomorrow morning I’m going to celebrate my newly recovered freedom. Always feels nice to have my freedom back…
I think being free feels best to me, but is that sustainable? Is that a desire we can ever fulfill?

Anniel’s tiny treasure

Look what I’ve found recently… Cute but not too boo, edgy and love it.:)
Anniel, did you know about this brand?

Taylor Made

Taylor Swift wearing Rodarte in recently Vogue spread shooting… lovely…:=)

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